Camera Bags, Camera Bags, & more Camera Bags!

3:39 PM

   I trying to figure out what camera bag that I want to buy. I want a cheap, but not cheaply made, cute, with lens pockets, messenger camera bag. I have yet to find a someone that sells a bag that meets all of those qualifications. That means that I'm going to have to give up one of those qualifications, but which one? I can't give up being cheap, being cheaply made, lens pockets, or being a messenger bag. So that means that I have to give up the bag being cute :(. I want a cute bag people! I'm going to look on ebay some more and try to find one that meets my qualifications. Wish me luck! Oh and if yall have any suggestions please leave a comment and let know if there is a bag that I haven't found. Thanks!


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