I Love My Homeschool Life!

1:31 PM

  7:00am Alarm starts beeping, I don't waist time pushing the snooze button, I just turn it off.
  7:15am I'm laying in bed thinking about what I'm going to to once I'm out of the bed, and listening to klove.
  7:30am I get up.
  8:00am I get my school books out and start Bible.
  9:00am Finish Bible, start on history.
  9:00am Finish history, start photography.
  9:10am Finish photography, start spanish.
  9:20am Finish spanish, start biology.
  9:45am Finish biology, start math.
10:30am Done with school! Put my bucket list down on paper and research those things.
11:00am Eat lunch./ Call and check up on my friend.
11:30am Check email, facebook, twitter, and blogger.
12:00pm Research lenses, laptops, and phones to buy.
  1:00pm Writing this blog post. :)

This isn't how all my days go, but still life is pretty sweet. I'm not chained to a chair all day doing busy work, being bored out of my mind listening to a teacher that hates me. At any time my family and I want we can pack up and go visit our friends (their homeschooled too:). I'm not made to learn things that I don't want to learn. Today I read all about Fiji and their political system. And yes going to Fiji is on my bucket list! (I'll post my bucket list later.) If you are a parent that is thinking about homeschooling, pray about it. It is a lot of work, but all in all you know your kids better and everyone is much more free.


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