Lil' Brother's Fort

3:14 PM

My little brother has built himself a "junk fort", meaning he takes junk out of a trash ditch that we have in the woods in our back yard. He has even found clothes! 

 He found a nightgown and a purple/white sweater! The bamboo clothes pins, yeah he made those too! (Take notice of the bokeh in this picture, I was so proud of myself.)
 I have to take some credit for this little baby, this is a bucket that has a screen on the top to filter the water and a faucet! I know I'm a genius! :)
 This is what the front of the fort looks like. The door is a shutter!
 This is the "couch" inside, and underneath it is storage.

 And here is the little brother.
(Look at the catch-lighting!)

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