School Day

11:28 AM

Today is, well just like most other days. Little brother #1 is working on that fort of his, little sister is doing hooked on phonics with mama, and little brother #2 just got up from his nap.

 The preacher's wife loaned me this book (I've already read the first one). Its a pretty good book if you like the Duggars. This one is really just about their day-to-day experiences, which you can watch on TLC! I thought that it was going to be more like a Q&A book, but even though it is about the episodes on TV, it gives you a insight to what went through their minds during those times.

 These are a few pictures of my school stuff. My math, biology, and my scientific calculator. : D

 Today I downloaded some songs to my ipod so that tomorrow I can have it playing while I'm babysitting the sweetest little baby girl (June). Being homeschooled gives me the opportunity to do things like this ^   during the week. I've done photo shoots, babysat, and odd jobs when most kids my age are at school. Being homeschooled gives me an advantage to get out of high-school early, which means starting a career and a family early (but not too early). I have already begun to learn some of the things that I would need to learn for life now, when most kids are learning it after they move out. Unless God has another plan, I plan on homeschooling my kids, and letting them get a head start at their adult life.


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