Summer Job

9:20 AM

  We live very close to a summer camp, I called them earlier this year and asked if I could be a wrangler in training (w.i.t.) this summer. After I told my friend that I was going to work out there she got jealous, so she called them and now she's going to work out there. The boss of the whole horses department didn't want us to go at the same time. Which is fine with me, I didn't want to go the same weeks as her anyway, I figured that I can pay more attention to what I'm supposed to be learning if she's not there to goof off with (I love you Olivia).
  I can't wait! I don't get paid for this job, actually the camp is getting paid for free labor (I have to pay to go). After I this year and maybe another one I will be a wrangler and get paid. The wranglers that work out there now are the same wranglers that worked out there when I used to go to camp out there.
  Okay, this is random, but how many of you have 5 pairs of jeans laying around?! The wranglers and w.i.t.s have to wear jeans when they ride. I know why, because I've rode a horse with shorts on. I going to have to find someone with a washing machine or buy a lot of jeans!


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