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  I'm sooo mad at iTunes! Why is it set up the way it is! My computer crashed, but before it crashed my mom put EVERYTHING on an external hard drive. After the computer crashed I connected the hard drive to our other computer which also has iTunes. The files aren't on the hard drive! Yeah, yeah and I know your reading this and asking yourself "why in the world is she mad at apple? They didn't make her computer die or not copy the files to the hard drive." But I'm just getting started...
  I got an iPod 1st generation (one on the 1st ipods they made) for christmas a few years ago. I love the ipod, but iTunes is for the birds! You can't charge your iPod effectively on two or three different computers, you can only sync with one computer or all your songs will be deleted, and be synced with the songs on whatever computer you plug it into. (yeah I know that was probably a run on sentence, but we're not in english class.) And that "home sharing" mess, what is its purpose? It does "share" anything! This all makes me VERY mad, but I guess I'll have to get over it.


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