What One?

1:39 PM

  Okay so here is my problem...I have two photographers telling me what they think I should do about editing software. One of them tells me that I need Photoshop Elements because she thinks that it would work better for me instead of Lightroom. On the other hand I have a photographer telling me that Lightroom is a better program and I could work with it. I'm sooo blessed to have two photographers helping me out and giving me advice, but could they at least agree so that I don't have to choose between them?

Photographer #1: Knows me better, meaning she knows how much I know and how much I could take in before it overwhelmed me. She uses Lightroom every day, but the program that she suggest that I get takes up more space than Lightroom.

Photographer #2 He knows me, but not nearly as well as #1. He doesn't use Lightroom, he uses some Nikon program. He thinks that Lightroom is a better program than Photoshop Elements.

Lightroom: It takes up less space on a computer. It works better with RAW images, and I want to master jpeg before I learn how to shoot RAW.

Photoshop Elements: It takes up TONS of space. It works with with both RAW and jpeg. It cost more than Lightroom.



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