8:59 AM

  No, I'm not talking about the email service. :) I got a message from photographer #2 the other day. He said that he had a few things to give me and that he could drop them by my house if that was okay. I wasn't home all day (because I was at photographer #1's house) and when I got home that night I found out that he had left town, and he won't be back until tuesday!
  He gave me a few hints about what it is..."what does a lion in east Africa and glaciers in Alaska have in common?" At first I thought that it was a video light, but he told me it wasn't! After I told him that this what he told me...

"Actually there are a few smaller things, some are related to the big thing and some are not. I'm quite confident that you'll be happy, and based on my understanding of your expectations, I expect to exceed them. I had to wait for a shiny silver thing to come in the mail, lest the big thing not be worth anything. Some of the little things will actually help you to make perfect exposures."

I have no idea what it is now, I'm so excited!


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