The Eldest of 4

7:25 PM

  Being the eldest of 4 children has its pros and cons. If you have any younger siblings you can understand where I'm coming from. Yesterday my little sister told me that she wants to play basketball and be a photographer just like me. I asked her why she wanted to be like me, and she said that she had to be just like me because she was my little sister!
  One of the downfalls is because little brother #1 and little sister ALWAYS want to be with me at all times! There is no "alone" time ever, unless I close my bedroom door, lock it, and ignore the knocking! Sometimes that doesn't evenwork because little sister says "its my room too, you know". Sometimes I wish that I had a "Grace's Space" to go, and no one would know where I was at. ...And so this is the life of an eldest of 4 kids.


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