The Surprise Revealed!

10:12 AM

  Okay, so photographer #2 came over the yesterday to drop off the surprise (that I had been waiting for since last week!) I had guessed that it was a lens, and it turns out that that's exactly what it is! On my photography wish list I had said that I wanted a 70-200mm lens, btw the're like 1,000 bucks! Anyway...he gave me a nikon 70-300mm lens, with an adapter so that it will fit on my canon! The only little problem is that since its a nikon lens on a canon you can't use auto focus which is a bummer, but it'll be fine until I have $1,000 laying around! I haven't taken very many pictures with it yet, but I will be sure to post some pictures from it very soon. Also I'm going to a family reunion this weekend, so I'm going to try it out then. I'm really happy that photographer #1 is going to be there (yeah, shes like my 4th cousin or something) to show me how to use this huge lens.


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