My Plans

3:24 PM

  My summer has started out great as I said in my last blog post, and its getting better all the time!

My plans for the next two weeks:

Buy sewing machine
Go to my grandma's for the day
Its my bestie's birthday/going to a vegetable farm with my god sibilings/go swimming at my god sibiling house
My wrangler evaluation!

  Speaking about wrangler evaluation, I've been trying really hard to get into shape (handling horses takes muscle!). I wan to be prepared for the worst. So I've been running (jogging) around our neighbor's pond everyday. I get faster every time that I do it (it takes me one "would you go with me" by Josh Turner:). I'm so nervous about it, I'm afraid that I won't know where to go once I get there, that I'll forget something that I know I had down pat, I'm afraid of everything! I'm praying for guidance, strength, and remembrance.


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