My Birthday Party

3:08 PM

  I need help!!! My 16th birthday isn't for a couple months, but I'm a planner so I'm thinking about it now. I've never really had a big-to-do birthday before...sooo for my sweet 16 I want to do something big! But, (there is always a but) there's a problem...I (my parents) don't want to spend and arm and a leg for it. I want to invite some of our family friends, but (there goes that but again) they have really big families, so it would take a lot to feed them, besides our house and our yard aren't the biggest things in the world. Also, I would like to invite some people from my youth group, but I can't invite all of them! I want a memorable party, with family, friends, and music (and maybe a bonfire:). So I need some help, if you have any suggestions please post them below. Thanks!

PS. My birthday is in February, so a pool party isn't an option. :(


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Your comments make my day! No, I'm serious. I'll do the happy dance. :)