First Day of Sophomore Year!

12:43 PM

  The homeschool sophomore year has started for me. :( Which means no more spur-of-the-moment babysitting, sleepovers, or anything else. But on a positive note; my electives this year are easy, easy, Business Computer Information System, Health, and Spanish. I hope that this year goes well. Last year I didn't take anything seriously, this year I'm going to study my butt off and try to make decent grades.

  My summer has been amazing this year! I can truly say that it was the best one that I've ever had! I hopping that next summer will be even better than this one was! This fall should be amazing too, we're going on vacation to the smoky's, and I heard a rumor that I'll get to work at the camp some! I can't wait! This year has went by so fast! Before I started high school I thought that the years were sooo slow. now that I'm in high school everything goes so fast! I can't believe that we are already in August!

  These are a couple pictures that I took while babysitting one of the sweetest, and cutest, and adorable little girls ever!

Have an awesome school year!

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