For Narnia!

10:06 AM


Peter of my favorite places. :) You couldn't imagine how much that I want to go there! The books are AMAZING, the movies are AMAZING! I just adore Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy's adventures into the special place.

  When I was little I used to tell my little brother that Narnia was in my closet; if he would just look for it. He would look, and look and then come out to tell me that he couldn't find it. :) I would insist that he just wasn't looking hard enough, and that maybe it was like the real story, maybe I could find it and he couldn't. My little brother and I carried on the tradition with our little sister recently. She too had the dilemma, she looked and looked, and said that she didn't see anything and that we must be lying. I'm so glad that we have one more younger sibling to play this prank on.


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