How UP Relates to My Bucket List.

3:11 PM

One of the things on my bucket list (you can read it on the tab above) is "Fast from social media for a week". By the end of this week I should be able to mark it off the list! Don't worry, I don't consider Blogger a "social media" site; I'm fasting from Facebook and Twitter. 

  But now to get to my main point; How UP relates to my bucket list. If you haven't seen the movie, its about a man and his wife that have a dream live by this waterfall in South America. They save their money their hole lives and always have to end up using it for emergencies. Well, they both get old, and the his wife is on her death bed, so he buys two plane tickets to go, but by the time that he gets to her shes dead. I know, sad story right. So anyway, to fulfill his wife's dream he and his house float away by balloons. He finally gets to the waterfall and fulfills his wife's dream. :)

I want to be like this old man. I want to try my hardest to complete my bucket list. I want to do whatever it takes to complete these things. Wish me luck this week!


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