8:31 AM

  I really don't understand how you can only know people for 5 days and miss them as if you've known them for years. I never knew that you could love someone like crazy after only knowing them for a short amount of time. How can these people feel like your family? How can these people become so close to you after only a week? I'm so puzzled by these questions; and and my heart feels like its going to rip into.

  Maybe we are all so close because, no one is fake, and no one is afraid to talk about Jesus. Maybe its because we don't hold grudges, we get everything out right after it happens, we forgive, and forget. Maybe its because we don't care how much older or younger you are than us, we can be friends no matter what your age. Maybe its because we love each other no matter what; whether you are black, white, blind, or color blind. :) Maybe its because we all share the same beliefs, and convictions. Maybe its because God is leading all of our lives.

  If I can have this much love, and miss these people so much, I can't imagine the love that I will have for my husband and my children. I can't imagine the love that God must have for us!


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