Sounds of a Rainy Babysitting Night

11:47 AM

  The noise of the TV leaving the room after the credits of the movie leave the screen. The scrubbing of teeth while the water hits the sink. The little voice asking for  "can-dee" after she has completed the task of using the potty. My computer starting up. The cough of the five month old. The fussing at nine o'clock waiting for me to cure his hunger. The sucking of the bottle. The laughing, and cooing of a baby that doesn't want to sleep. The creak of the rocker. The flash of lighting and loud bash of  thunder that wakes up the sweet, little girl. The sound of fear in her voice. More creaking of the rocking chair. Kissing the toddler on the forehead. More rain. My Skype IM beeping. The clicking of my mouse and the tapping of the letters on the computer as my fingers press them softly. A diesel truck with a trailer filled with  horses. Wet boots stepping up onto the porch. The door knob turning.

These are the sounds that I hear while night time babysitting.


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