The Camp Pictures Finally!

10:58 AM

I had an Amazing time the week that I got to work at JBRC.

 My "trainers"
 My cabin "Naomi"
 My awesome group of girls (front) Two of my favorite staffers (back)
 Lana and (in my deepest, most heroic voice I can find) The Bug Zapper!
 The Chapel
 My thank you card
 Winning the "Clean Cow" award is an honor, but you can't be crowned with this honor it unless you have a clean cabin. You can't have a clean cabin if you have counselors in training (C.I.T.s) that are from another cabin that leave their junk lying around! So we posted this note on their bunks. :)
Lansing (Emily) and Lana helping the secret agents to the pyramids. 
The awesome note written by the best staffer I've ever had!


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