The Traveling Entertainer

4:19 PM

  My family and I are heading to the Smoky Mountains in a couple of weeks. I assigned myself up to be the "Traveling Entertainer" aka the person that plans stuff for the kids to do in the car and the music that we listen too on the way there. I  looked on pinterest for some "traveling with kids" ideas, I found some that I liked and I thought that I would post some of the links that I found so that you can use them on your next trip!

  I'm going to make binders for me and the two oldest kids. I'm going to fill them with coloring sheets and activity pages that have to do with the state that we're traveling to. Also I'm going to give little brother #1 a travelers journal to write down everything that we do on our trip. In mine I'm going to put a travelers photo challenge. This is a scavenger hunt, when they have completed it they will get a dollar tree toy/trinket! These are some more great ideas!

I'll post pictures of the binders when I'm done with them.


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