You Might Be a Homeschooler If...

1:17 PM

1. You've had someone tell you "you're so lucky, you don't have to do anything for school"
2. You think/thought that Lee Majors is/was cute after watching the Big Valley
3. You love Christian pick-up lines
4. You know what Jostie Flicks is
5. You're favorite movies are westerns and Disney
6. Your whole family can't fit in a car
7. You've been to a purity conference
8. You know what 4-H is
9. You've been to a pro-life rally
10. You know the difference between Alpha Omega, Bob Jones, and Saxon
11. You would rather have a few close friends than a large amount of acquaintances
12. You know who Jordan Taylor is
13. You have close friends that are way older than you
14. Your family looks like a train going through Walmart
15. Your family loves the Dollar Tree
16. You where only aloud to watch G rated movies until you where 12
17. You write stories for fun
18. You've read most/all of the Narnia books
19. You know all the words to every Veggie Tales silly song
20. You've seen all the episodes to the Beverly Hillbillies


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