Fall Where Are You?

7:21 AM

  I love my amazing state, but it does have this one flaw, we don't have a fall. Okay let me rephrase that, we do have a fall, but we only have fall weather for about a week. Mr. Louisiana just decided that he would just skip over that season. But for the one or two weeks that we do have fall this is what I love about it...
FallHoodies, well duh! Hot cocoa, Yes! Boots, does cowboy boots count? Jeans, oh yeah I couldn't live without them. Cuddling, well I don't really know why that one's on here. Crisp air, whooo hooo! Goodbye humidity! Flushed cheeks, I can't really say that I like this one, but you get the point.

Pinned ImageOkay so we might take our game a little seriously. I'm really the only one in my family that is really in to the whole football thing, but I love our fighting tigers!
fall style/I'm ready for long sleeves and plaid. I love plaid. :)

I hope that you are enjoying your weather! Have a happy fall!


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