Goals? What Goals?

7:07 PM

  If you only knew how many pieces of paper I have used to jot down my long term "to do" list in the dark hours of night whilst (yes, I did just use that word) listening to Squirt breathing. Somehow the papers vanish  in thin air, or I toss them, but I won't talk about that. Maybe if I have them written down on something that I can't toss in the trash can I will remember what I would like to accomplish. So here is the list of things that never get completed.

1. Be a better person. (Yeah, I know, its kinda dumb that I need to remind myself of this, but its true.)
2. Keep calm. (As I've said before, I have awful keeping calm skills."Keep calm and carry on", yeah that should be my motto.)
3. Read my Bible every day. (I usually do this one, but I still need to be reminded.)
4. Don't say everything that's on my mind. (I tell everyone everything that has happened to me every time that I see them or have a chance to talk to them. And I've noticed that no one really cares, that's what I have a blog for. :)
5. Act older than my age. (This one is kind of weird but its true. I only act like every other peer of mine, I should be more mature than that!)
6. Be a better friend. (I know for a fact that I am a great friend, but one can always improve.)
7. Treat others as others have treated me. (This one is also a little strange. When I went to work at the camp this summer the people there (all of them at least 2 yrs older than me) treated me as if I mattered. I need to do that to the people that are a few years younger than me.)

A picture from vacation.


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