God Bless the Clarks

7:47 AM

Three years ago a newlywed couple was looking for a church...

 They stayed at ours, became members, and had two children (with one on the way)...

This little cutie was the first baby that I ever shot :)...

This is the first family that I ever shot :)...
And this is the "good-bye" party that our church had for them. *sigh* They are moving about 45 minutes away and aren't going to be able to come to our church anymore. :( It was a very bittersweet day. Not only have I done a few shoots with them I have also became very good friends with them. I'm so happy that God is moving in their life, but I  we are all going to miss them terribly.

Dear Clarks,
I'm going to miss y'all terribly. I'm so happy for y'all (for the house and the new little one on the way). :) Thanks for being such good friends and great role models. I love y'all very much and I hope that I can see y'all soon.


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