6:51 AM

  I used to think that teens were so cool because they always are getting invited to everything. Well, its hit me, the getting invited to everything. Its kind of one of those love/hate relationships. I love always having something to do, but then again I'm always having to choose between events/people.

Real Life Example: My family was invited to a 1st birthday party for some family friends of our's on Saturday. Then my best friends family invited me to go camping the whole weekend with them. (I'm going camping, and I will have pictures uploaded soon).

Every single weekend including the first one in November is full already and October just started!

My life this month...//drivers ed//camping//helping Nana move in//loving the cooler weather//planning sweet 16//hurrying to buy Lightroom so I can edit pictures from a recent newborn shoot (pictures coming soon)//loving needtobreathe and Moriah Peters//thinking about how much that I don't want to get braces//


(Dear Josh, I know that it is just going to get harder from here on out. Thanks for bringing me down to earth every time that I act like my life is too hard/busy.: )

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