Growing Up

10:56 AM

  The cold morning begins with a bowl of cereal, then off to my not-so-warm room. I turn on the heater, open the computer to start my school work for the day, and snuggle under the covers to warm up my sockless feet. After about an hour of unwanted school work, my sweet 12 year old brother brings me a plate of two cinnamon rolls that he made himself (with a little help from the Pillsbury dough boy).

Then it occurred to me, that in two or three more years I won't live here any more. I won't be doing school or work in the comfort of my bed, I won't be hearing the laughing (and screaming) of the three year old playing in the living room. I won't be hearing Squirt sounding out words as she finishes up her school for the day. Plus, my "babies" (Little Man, June, and Ruben) aren't babies any more. It makes me so sad. Make every moment count, especially if your the oldest in your family.

But, on a lighter note...
Here is a little humor to brighten your week!

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