The Life of a Homeschooled Sophomore

7:37 AM

4:45am Get out of bed, put on hoodie
4:50am Eat breakfast while listening to an online devotion, fix a cup of coffee
5:05am Open computer, drink coffee while looking over my assignments for the day
5:10am Start school
7:20am End school, check all connections to the outside world :) (facebook, email, twitter, pinterest)
7:30am Devotion
7:40am Researching how to change things on blogger
8:20am IMing BFF :)

[8:21:41 AM] Grace Whittington: I love you and your awesome
[8:21:49 AM] Olivia Morgan: Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
[8:22:07 AM] Grace Whittington: Idk just because
[8:22:15 AM] Olivia Morgan: okay then, you too (:
[8:23:04 AM] Grace Whittington: why are you stalking me?
[8:23:26 AM] Olivia Morgan: Cause I can.

8:30am Give little man his breakfast/Watch a western with the other sibs
9:30am Grandma stops by for a visit/I put more pictures on my wall
10:00am Pick out pictures to print out to put on my wall
11:00am Eat lunch
12:00pm Visit with my grandma some more
1:00pm Mom and brothers head to town/Babysit Squirt/Clean room/Fill my newborn posing beanbag.
3:30pm Mom and brothers get home/Feed little man his early supper/Get our supper ready
4:30pm Update this blog post
4:40pm Dad gets home/Visit with my family in the livin' room (Who calls it the "Liv-ing room"?)
5:00pm Eat supper
5:30pm Visit with my family some more
8:00pm Kids are in the bed/Mama and me chill on out laptops/ Watch Dance Moms
9:20pm Bed time

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