Why Such Low Standards?

10:33 PM

  In today's society we (teens) get praised for the smallest acts, its because the expectations of today are so low. People today see teens as trouble-making, drunk, drug dealers, so when they see one of us that's not like that they give us praise...for doing...NOTHING! I mean, just because we don't party like "everyone else" does on Friday night doesn't mean that we should be praised for it. Since we get praised for doing...well...nothing, we get all "high-and-mighty" and think "well, its okay for me to act this way because I am a way better person than my peers". We have got to raise the bar! Jesus should be our standard, not our immature peers!

  If you are on a track team, and you're a pretty good athlete, are you going to strive to be as good as the average 5 year old, or an Olympic track star?  This is common sense people! Raise the bar and strive to be like Jesus. Are we going to fail? Yes, we are going to fail miserably, but then again I doubt that you are going to be an Olympic track star. Just something to think about.


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  1. AMEN. This post is perfect.



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