Another Babysitting Day

8:36 PM

 Rocking in their LSU gear!
   What is more adorable than this?! 
  I babysat this weekend, since the last time that I babysat that have both grown so much! They are both at adorable stages (besides the fact that June is a little whiny at times). June is a very good big sister. She thinks she knows what Ruben needs at all times. Ruben is at my absolute favorite stage...the cuddle stage! He'll sit in your lap all day, or sit on the floor and play. He hardly ever cry's unless he is hungry, he is a very good baby!

 The eyes, I love those baby blues!
 Watching the birds
 Hanging up our Thanksgiving craft on the fridge.
 Who couldn't love this face!

 This is how we roll! She sat there and read her book, and he sat there and sucked his thumb for about an hour while I push the stroller up and down the blacktop.
 I think that she likes books.
 I love this little guy!
 This is June's "Monkey". She talks to Monkey, plays with Monkey,and puts Monkey to bed.

I rocked him to sleep then held him on the couch while June and me watched Finding Nemo. June wanted me to fill her sippy-cup up, so I laid him down on the couch...I had to get a picture!


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