The Weekend of a Country Girl

1:44 PM

 Let me start by saying that if you aren't from the country you are missing out! With that said let me continue with my story...

  Last Saturday my family and I loaded up and traveled to my grandparent's neck of the woods, also known as "the middle of nowhere". I love it there! Little Brother and I rode fourwheelers most of the day. We made our own trails in the middle of the woods, in doing this we had make decisions constantly, like "should we go though that briar patch or drive into a tree?" Needless to say I came out of those woods with a few scratches, but it was all worth it! Then Daddy, Squirt, and me went hunting for squirrels in those same woods, I think that Little Brother and I scared them all away when making our own trails, because we didn't see anything.

Last Sunday we packed up again to head off to let Little Brother fly in a small plane. The flight ended up being canceled and just in time too. Right when we got the news we where right by the turn for the zoo! So we went and and made the day of it.


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