Camp Staff Christmas Party

3:35 PM

Last night I attended the annual JBRC Staff Christmas Party, and it was an absolute blast!  It was awesome to see (almost) everyone that I had been missing so terribly.
Both Joy (right) and Danielle's (left) boyfriends proposed to them on the same day a couple weeks ago, so it was tons of fun to see their rings and the stories behind them. (And of course Mrs. Debi (middle) was a very happy lady!)
 Joy's gorgeous ring! 
  Us...the weird...the awesome...the wranglers!
 In order from left to right...Me, Meagan, Katherine, Abigail, and Olivia.

 Me, and Joy
 Tiffany and June. They could pass for twins!
 June "playing" with Tiffany's hair.
 My favorite "counselor" ever!
Group Picture...too many people to name.


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  1. love the pictures sounds like you had a blast and congratulations to Joy and Danielle on being engaged :)


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