Twenty-Twelve Recap

9:09 PM

   2012 was crazy, fun, and learned a lot! 

I learned a lot about, photography, how to be a better big sister and friend, horses, and I grew tons spiritually. 
This is my photo recap of 2012. Vacation to the Smoky Mountains, Working at camp this summer, balloon festival, fall time, New Orleans fun day, church bonfire, camp staff Christmas party, hanging out with my bestie, babysitting the cutest kids ever, spending time with the best siblings a person could ask for, full moons, youth camp, making new friends, harbor day, tailgating, and birthday parties. It really has been an awesome year!

A few things that I learned this year...

Go with the flow 
chill out
God is always in control
school is more important than anything...STUDY STUDY STUDY
coffee is the bomb
you can learn who your real friends are during a hard time
you are NEVER as smart as you think you are
God has BIG plans...follow His path for your life
encourage people often
starting your day by reading the Bible makes your whole day better
"big" cameras are awesome....they are even more awesome if you know how to use them
starting a business is harder than it looks
libera boys choir music is calming 
we aren't promised tomorrow so make the most of today
do hard things
when you are scared quote scripture
babies grow up too fast
you will never know the love that you have for someone until they are gone

I learn something new every day.

I can't wait to see what God has in store for me in 2013!


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  1. Love the things that you have learnt± I will deffo remember this!


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