What Lit The Spark

1:31 PM

  A little girl, 6 years old, walked in to the cabin for the first time. Being that she had never been to camp before her nervousness/extreme excitement was to be expected. After meeting the high school student that was to be her counselor for the week,  her mom helped her make her bed on the bottom bunk. After the hugs and the kisses were exchanged from Mama and her little brother, they left. 

The first few hours had past, and now she was completely comfortable with her cabin buddies, and her super cool counselor. The pool, the crafts, the cool missionaries that have been all around the world, made the 98 degree heat all worth wild. 

The day that she (and every other horse loving girl) waited for was "horse riding day". So on horse riding day she grabbed her cowboy boots out from under the bunk-bed and pulled them on. Then she found her shirt, jeans, and bandanna, then lined up at the door with her buddies to head for the corral. Bottled up with excitement her friends and her would skip (since no running was allowed). 

Once she had her helmet on, she stood by the gate and gazed at the horses with amazement. Once she was put on a horse and the ride had started, she would day dream about someday being an awesome wrangler like the one leading the ride. If her rambling thoughts were written out this is what they would have said..."I can't wait till I'm old enough to be a wrangler...they get to be with horses all day long...they get to wear boots all week...they don't have to wear a helmet... this has to be the coolest job ever...they get to ride whatever horse that they want...they are so cool!"

That little girl grew up (for the most part), she has dreamed about being a "awesome wrangler" ever since that day. That day lit a spark to what is now a flame. That little girl was me. I am now a "wrangler-in-training" (W.I.T.), and it is the best job ever! It is more work than I used to think, riding horses is just a part of the job, but I still love it. Being able to hear little girls say out loud, the same thing that I thought about when I was their age is amazing. It makes me smile every time that I hear a little girl say "you are so cool, you get to ride horses all day!" I thank God everyday for giving me this privilege, and I pray that I will never take it for granted. 


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