A Pictureless Post

7:26 PM

  I would post pictures but quite frankly I haven't had time. My life has been terribly busy the past few weeks. classroom drivers ed, (whew! I'm I ever glad that's over), planning my sweet 16 birthday party, youth group events, applying for a job, among other things.

I only thought I knew what it was like to be adult (I still can't completely wrap my mind around it), but now I have seen just a small tid-bit of how much work it really is. I can now understand why most people have a messy house all the time...its because they are never home, and when they are home they are too tired to clean it. (Let's not even talk about what my room looks like at the moment.)

It is crazy how big of a toll running around all week can have on your body (if you don't normally run around all week)! I'm so tired in the evenings now; I now thank God everyday that He allowed me to be homeschooled. It would take me a long time to get used to going to school everyday and then coming home to a pile of homework.

These are just some things that have been running through my mind lately. I must now go and spend time with my family (yet another thing that I was taking for granted).


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