My Weekend

9:39 PM

  It sure has been quiet around here. What have I been up to?'s, and work mostly, but I got to spend a great weekend with my bestie!
Yeah I know, we're all a bunch of nuts. Pay no mind to the crazy girl in her favorite camp shirt. :) Olivia's niece and twin nephews we're visiting; we had a blast! After they left, we (Olivia and I) did what I came to her house to Doctor Who (and eat midnight snacks)! 

The next morning we went to her church, and then went to eat lunch at a family friend's. They had 3 horses which hadn't been ridden in a couple years...needless to say Olivia just had to ride one of them bareback with a makeshift bridle! (pictures coming soon of that!) It's always good to act stupid with your partner in crime. ;)


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  1. Can't wait to see the pictures soon, glad you guys had a good time :)


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