Step Out Your Front Door

8:33 PM

Every month my church pays a visit to a local nursing home to celebrate every resident that had a birthday that month. I have always heard the announcements in church about it, but I had never taken part in it. Yesterday some family friends of ours were going to I hitched a ride with them.

I had an AMAZING time! It was so great to see the joy in their eyes as you sung them "Happy Birthday" and gave them a piece of cake. Some of the residents don't talk at all, others will talk your ear off; they just like to know that someone cares. Even if some of them don't remember me next time, it's okay because they will make a new friend every time. :)

I was writing in my journal last night and a thought popped into my head...

Every time that you step out of your front door you are on the mission field! 

You don't have to go to a "fancy" church missions camp to minister to someone. You don't have to travel to Africa, or Mexico to show God's love. You can just step out your front door! You can minister to teens in your youth group that are having family problems, you can show God's love by giving your outgrown clothes to someone that needs them, you can even show God's love by setting an example in your attitude. If people see you happy all the time they are going to ask, "Why are you so happy?" what a great way to share the gospel!

"Do what you can, where you are, with what what you have, for Jesus' sake, and then give God all the glory." -Granny Grace

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