11:20 AM

Yesterday was my 16th birthday...I had an amazing day! At 12:00am (yes, that's right 12am!) I received a mile long birthday text from my Olivia. When I woke up and was getting ready for church I received a birthday text from my favorite cousin. I logged into facebook before we left from church to find a sweet pubic post from the same favorite cousin and my mom. Then I went to church to find that my dad made an "announcement" that it was my birthday on the slide projector that the whole church could see!

After many birthday wishes from my church family my mom and dad treated me to Sammy's (my favorite restaurant). It "just so happened" that Olivia and her family were going out to eat too, so we got a table together. Well it "just so happened" that the only table that they had for us was in a private room! While we we were waiting on our table we "just happened" to run into a camp buddy!

When I got home I checked up on facebook birthday wishes. Then I went to our church Superbowl party. It was so much fun. We (my youth group) had a bonfire, ate good food, and then played Journey and  the Charlie Brown song on the piano.

It was an awesome day! 


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