A Photographers Manifesto

8:39 AM

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of my DSLR camera and I being together. It has been quite a journey! The places we have been together, the things that it has taught me about photography, and life in general. I have learned that life is a beautiful thing! Everyday activities cooking, schooling, reading, and playing, are gorgeous things! Life happens so fast, I don't want to miss a minute of it! Children grow, and seasons change, if you blink you'll miss it. A picture preserves those children's smiles, and the leaves changing colors. It is truly amazes me how much my camera, a non-living thing, could teach me so much!

I have learned that photographers find beauty in things that no one else can. I look at a shadow, a beam of sunlight, a drop of rain and it makes me smile. I will stop and take a picture of a street sign or the sidewalk and someone will give me the "what in the world are you doing" stare. I get excited when I enter a new "photographic area" like going from the city to the country, or the mountains to the beach. New things to see, different kinds of people, new lightroom presets to make when I get to my computer! I guess we are a little unusual.

Happy Snapping,

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