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No, not this kind of branding! :)

I have been thinking lately about my "brand". If you don't know what that is I'll fill you in...a brand is what defines you, what your style is. It's colors, logos, the way you edit pictures, your fashion sense. Everything that makes up you is your brand. So when in the process of "making" my brand for this blog and my photography business it has been anything but easy.

I wanted to take some time and write down what I would like my brand to be

Real. I want my photographs to convey raw life when I'm at home 
and when shooting for a client.When you look at my photographs 
I want you to see happy, beautiful people, not staged, posed models.

Positive. I think too much of my time is spent thinking about 
how things could be better, I want to look on the bright 
side of things and live in the moment.

Natural. I want my blog and my business to be me being myself. 
I also want to send that message through my photographs, people being 
in their natural state, happy.

Laid Back. On some blogs and photographs that I look at it's all 
just in your face. I want you to feel comfortable on my blog and when
you are viewing my photographs.

As far as a color theme goes I don't really have a preference. I want more "calming" tones instead of bright, wild ones. My dad and I are in the process of making a logo for myself I think that that will help move things along and help me figure out how I want my brand to look.

What are your thoughts on "branding"? What kind of brand do you think I should have? Any opinions on a color theme for this blog and my business logo? Thanks in advance for your help!


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  1. I've just set up my own photography business called 'Rosamber Photography', my main colours are black and pink, as these are my two favourite my colours, I want my website to be natural and fun to look at, but also that I am known for Equine and animal photography,My blog theme also bases on my main colours. Pretty much everything revolves around these two colours and the facts that I want it to be simple and elegant, I also want it to be classy and look elegant. :)


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