Learning as I Go

8:44 PM

I have been learning like crazy over these past months, as I have posted before.
I wanted this post to tell a story of what I have really been learning.

I have learned that there is a time to have a camera in hand and a time to not have one. 

Life is a beautiful thing. 

It's precious, and delicate. I have recently felt that had my camera out at the wrong time, or sometimes not at the right time. I might miss playing with my younger siblings because I was too busy getting the perfect shot of what we were doing. Also I have found that pictures that are not planned are the very best anyway! You have to find a balance between life, and a camera. I have found some ways to help keep these two very important things in proportion.

Keep my camera charged and ready with a memory card for those special moments that could happen at any time!
Take the shot that might not be there in a moment (like the following), and then take "artistic" shots.

Life is a balancing act.

I am really getting into "Lifestyle photography"; not professionally just in general. I love beautifully capturing my family's life. The raw, sweet, and sometimes crazy things that happens in our life. 


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