Random Ramblings

9:31 PM

 * I'm in LOVE with Phillip Phillips! {Okay so I'm not in love with him, just his music.}

* I'm really getting the hang of balancing act called "having a part time job while in high school". I really enjoy working with someone I like to be with. *smile*

* I'm getting campsick yet again. Luckily all of the "staff-to-be" 's interview is coming up soon! Whoohoo for staff-to-be reunions!

* I have decided what I'm doing for Olivia's sweet 16! It's part of her birthday present. Even though her birthday isn't until June I have it all planned out. *big smile*. What can I say? I'm a planner.

*I have really been working on my photography business brand. The pinterest board is made and everything!

* I'm in the process of planning out my first ever bridal photoshoot! I'm super stoked!

This ladies and gentlemen, has been small look into my thought life.

Have a great weekend!

An Artist Must Be Careful...


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