10 Minute Photoshoot

7:08 PM

My youth pastor's wife (Mandy) asked me last week if I minded taking some pictures of her two adorable kids. She wanted to know how much I charged for a children's photoshoot. Since it would be only my 2nd ever kids photoshoot, I said I would do it for free as long as she paid for my lunch. :) (Forever in love with food).

After church let out and lunch was eaten we loaded up and headed out. Mandy had tracked down the people that owned the pasture earlier in the week and asked if they minded if we used it to take some pictures in; they agreed. And so this is were our little shoot was held...

The sky was covered in fluffy white clouds, all but one part of the pasture, and in that part was huge grey cloud hanging over our heads. The ground was covered with gorgeous yellow flowers and also covered with cow-patties and mud. Good thing none of us are scared of cow-patties or mud.

Lillian was an automatic model. She made up her own poses and took half the work out of the shoot for me. Parker on the other hand...not so much. I got a few smiles out of him though. :)

We had been in the pasture for about ten minutes when the bottom let out of that big grey cloud. Luckily I was snapping away during those ten minutes and got some really nice shots (if I do say so myself).


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