1:12 PM

Imagine loud gunshots and bombs going off. Now imagine that you where dumb enough to forget your zoom lens in the car...  This was me.

The 150th Civil War reenactment was held last Saturday. Besides lots of smoke, a little rain, and forgetting to switch lenses before I got out of the car it was pretty cool.

Caleb of course was so engaged in every little part. He was determined to buy a belt buckle he talked about buying one all week. He told me that he wasn't going to pay more than $5 for one. I told him that getting one that cheap was going to be a challenge. We went into one of the little tents where they were selling things and he found one that had a label that read $1.00. My dad thought it must be a mistake, they told him that it was a mistake but what was Caleb's best offer. Caleb said $5 and that's just what he bought it for!


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