Happy Things

9:21 PM

Things that make me happy? These are just a "few"...

light peaking through the side of my widow shade

guitar being played

when my favorite song plays on pandora.

the sound a kit-kat makes when you break it. (now I'm hungry...great...)

new books, old book, any books! (but mostly fairy-tales) 

babies' voices

sunrays and lazy sundays

warm bed in late december

march breeze

going barefoot

lounging in pajamas...all day

homemade french fries

interior design magazines

baby fat-rolls

chocolate chip cookie dough

fraying ball cap

clean room

printed pictures

big cup of coffee

horse sneeze

LSU sweatshirt

cowboy boots

unexpected facebook message from someone you love

ice from the camp ice-maker

squeaking saddle sound

and hugs from close friends :)


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  1. Looks like you have a lot to be happy about! I love the little things that bring joy. :)


Your comments make my day! No, I'm serious. I'll do the happy dance. :)