The Strategy for Thrift Shops: A Tutorial

7:42 PM

I've been to thrift-shops many a time, but have never been very successful. This time I went with my grandma and I found a great strategy to have when shopping at thrift shops. If you truly understood how much I hate shopping you would understand why I have to have a strategy. Here is my game plan when I go shopping at thrift-stores...

Step 1: Clear your schedule, because this procedure takes a couple hours.

Step 2: Set a budget.

Step 3: Go through your closet and make a list of all the clothes you own that you actually wear.

Step 4: Look on pinterest for outfit ideas.

Step 5: Type up (or if your old-school jot down) some outfits that you would like to make.

Step 6: Print (or tear) out the list and bring it with you on your journey into the unknown.

Step 7: Take a deep breath and remind yourself that it's only a store.

Step 8: Grab a buggy

Step 9: Go through every aisle of clothes that would even come close to fitting you. (In my case this would be anywhere from juniors to adult large.)

Step 10: Every piece of clothing that catches your eye, that is a piece you are looking for (no matter what size it is) throw in your buggy.

Step 11: After you have been through all the aisles go to the dressing room.

Step 12: Try on everything on in your buggy. This is the part that I can't stand, but it is the most important step.

Step 13: Decide what you would actually wear and start putting outfits together.

Step 14: *Take pictures of you in the outfits and send them to your friend

Step 15: *Get feedback from friends and take it into consideration.

Step 16: Pick the pieces that are going to keep you within your budget. This step is harder especially if you really like the items. When deciding which items to put back consider...Is it faded? Does it show wash-wear? Can I see myself really wearing this on an everyday basis? Can I make more than one outfit our of it? These questions will help you narrow down your choices.

Step 17: Check out.

Step 18: Bring your findings home.

Step 19: Love how you look.

Step 20: Write a blog post about it. :)

(This infinity scarf ^ is from walmart)

 *I didn't preform this step because I can't send media messages on my phone, but if you have this option use it!

Hope you have an awesome weekend! Ta-ta!



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