Mother Daughter Spring Horse Retreat

2:40 PM

Last weekend I got the chance to work at the camp for my first time as an official wrangler! Bye-bye wrangler-in-training title!

The first picture was taken when I was 6 years old my first year of camp on a horse named Grey Ghost with Ms. Bec standing beside me. The next picture is taken 10 years later on the same horse also with Ms. Bec!

(Me and my favorite camp horse Goober, first one on the left)

I loved getting to see little girls and their moms and grandmas spend time together. It was so much fun just to watch the girls kiss their horse and pet him/her while riding.
(Excuse the fact that the pictures aren't up to my usual standards, I stole them from Mrs. Debi's facebook page.)

After all the mother and daughters left for home Mrs. Debi, Mr. Eugene, Ms. Bec, Olivia, and I headed out for cowboy church; It was a great way to end my horse filled weekend. God and horses, what is better than that?!


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