Positive "Adventure" Week 2

9:36 AM

My life. I've had a lot of school work to do, I'm trying to hurry and finish by May. That explains why I haven't posted this week. This will be the last blog post for a few weeks. I will however leave you with my progress on my positive "adventure" and a few ramblings.

I started thinking. Yeah, I don't do that a lot. Before I say things I (most of the time) think. It really has helped me. I still have to be held accountable, but it's okay I'm happy with my progress. I really have been less stressed because of my new positive thinking. It takes much less energy to think and say positive things than negative.

I've been trying to perfect making an omelet. The first morning...let's just say I had really awesome scrambled eggs. (positive thinking!) The second day...it was better! It tasted better, looked better, and smelled better! Making progress on something always makes me happy!

I am finished with Bible class for the year! I made an A 98% on my final!

Have an awesome weekend!


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