Happenings Round Here

11:34 AM

1) I'm going to be done with school at the end of this week. I'm super excited about that! I think that I'm going to have a bonfire to burn all my notebooks. :)

2) Olivia's sweet 16 birthday party is coming up. Hurrah for a friend with a summer birthday! Creek time!

3) I've decided that I want to graduate early. I'm going to take 11th grade during the fall semester and 12th grade during the spring semester. It's going to be hard, but I'm willing to put forth that effort for the amazing prize!

4) Camp is coming up really soon! I can't wait to be reunited with my sisters (and brothers) in Christ!

5) I've decided to be myself in photography. Meaning...like no one else! You can read in depth about it here.

6) I have almost completely broken the habit of biting my nails! I've tried before and that didn't go so well, but this time is for real!

7) I cut myself some bangs. Don't freak out or anything. They're cool.

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