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Yesterday I was mentioned in this blog post. Truthfully it was a little more than a "mention"more like a tell-all of my quirks! (which by the way didn't really bother me.) I had to get her back so this is my "revenge".

I'm going to be as positive as possible...which when talking about Tara isn't too hard to do. Tara, (previously known as "photographer #1" in earlier blog posts) is...

An amazing photographer. She is awesome at communicating with clients, and making them feel comfortable before, during, and after a shoot. (I can't wait to have my senior pictures taken by her by the way!)

One word. Cheeseaholic.

In this blog post I talked about people that I am thankful for that hold me accountable in my "Positive Adventure". What I didn't mention in that blog post is how Tara holds me accountable. Pens. Anytime that I'm negative she chunks a pen at my head. It's a very effective method.

Speaking of positivity...She is one of the most positive people that I have ever met. 

She and Josh (her super cool cowboy husband...I'm gonna have to write a blog post about him now) make the most adorable kids! This is an older picture, these two kiddos are MUCH cuter now!

She is in the process of improving her steer roping. "Don't give up" is a motto she needs to remember.

She is one of the most honest blunt people that I know. Which is sometimes annoying, but I would rather be around blunt people more than people that are fake.

Her sarcasm level is not even explainable in a blog post.

and that concludes my "revenge".

P.S. At least I talk to myself out loud! When you talk to yourself you just mumble. :)


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