The Wait is (almost) Over!

2:30 AM

It is less than a week till camp begins! So I thought that I would try to describe what I feel at camp  all summer...

I've tried before to explain to people why I love being a camp staffer, but they never really understand. They just give me that look. You know the one. The "you're insane, what are you doing with your life?" look. So here I go to try to put into words the feeling/experience of camp and why I'm probably way to obsessed about it.

The staff: Everyone one of them is on FIRE for God. In fact, He comes up in just about every conversation. I guess I could explain it as a club or team. Just like there are clubs for certain interests like speech and debate and those club members gather for one purpose, we all gather for a single glorify God! I guess we can call it the "His servants" club.

Not only are we all there for a single purpose, we also lift one another up, pray for one another, and most of all hold one another accountable.

One of the most important things I have learned in my life is never be afraid to ask someone to hold you accountable. And you shouldn't be surprised or irritated if someone loves you enough to hold you accountable without you asking them to. (sorry. got a little of topic. "life lessons from grace" is for another time i guess.) :)

The campers: Whether it is mothers and daughters on a weekend retreat or 1st-6th grade girl and boy campers it never ceases to amaze me how much they can teach you. Kids, they make you think. This is so cliche, but if all of us could look through the eyes of a child the world would be a much better place.

I do this for them. I don't do it for the paycheck at the end of the week, I don't do it to get away from my "crazy" family, I don't do it to hang out with friends (even though those are great things that come along with the job). I do it to see those little faces light up when they get on a horse for the first time. I do it to hear those little giggles that start when the horses trot as we go up a small hill. I do it to get asked silly questions that make me want to laugh, but that I have to answer with a straight face because questions are how we learn.

The setting: No, the camp isn't in the mountains or the beach or the ideal vacation spot. It is in the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by pine-trees, you are cut off from the world all summer. Which to me is the greatest feeling...being cut off from the world. Hidden from the horrors in the news and the pervertedness of the society that we we live in. Honestly camp doesn't feel like reality, it feels like the perfect utopia that we all see in our daydreams.

The food: Enough said.

The sleep: There is none. Just kidding. There isn't a feeling that can quite compare to that of your body being totally exhausted and falling into bed at night. The sleep I get at camp is the best sleep. Not because I get a lot of it, it's because you appreciate it more.

The growth: I grow so much spiritually at camp. Being surrounded with people that want to help you grow. Being in God's word and being taught it morning, noon, and night is the best feeling ever! I feel full when I come home from camp.

I could probably write a  large book about why camp is my very favorite place on earth, but until I have time to write one you'll just have to settle for this little post. :)

My buddies! (pic from staff training this march)


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