Painting Days

2:00 PM

Last week I didn't have to be at camp till Tuesday; which was ah-mazing getting to spend a little more time with my family at home and resting up from horse camp. Last week we didn't have any public camps just a two-day private camp at the end of the week. Since there wasn't any camps we didn't have any rides all week (except for Friday, and I go to my other job on Friday). We did a few "wrangly" chores around the barn and trimmed limbs on the trails. Whenever we weren't doing wrangler duties we helped decorate the chapel for the public camps the rest of the summer.

The theme for this year's camps is "Shipwrecked" so the plan for the chapel was a jungle mural, a "waterfall" that we could walk through, a half-way 3D shipwreck, and a lighthouse that we could walk through. I never realized how much mental work goes into painting and paper macheing! I am usually physically drained at the end of the week, but this week I was just mentally drained. You wouldn't think that decorating could be so stressful, but I assure you that it is. We had things go wrong, and changing of plans (and everybody knows how much I hate for plans to change at the last minute).

I would like to give a standing ovation to Meagan (camp director) and the interns. They were in that chapel decorating from the time they woke up in the morning till midnight or later every night of the week with little or no breaks! Not only did they do that, but they did it with a good attitude and lots of patience.

Also I have had a sinus infection all week. Which completely took a toll on my tiredness level, and mood. Thankfully I have a great camp family (because that's what we are, family). They were my mommies all week. They reminded me to take my medicine, and drink lots of water. They made me go to bed early and take longer breaks during the day. I don't know what I would do without them.

We made it though! With lots of coffee, Lecrae dance parties on stage with mics at 10:00 at night, and a lot of praying, we made it. The chapel looks awesome! I can't wait for boys' camp to start next week!


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